Website Audits & Fixes

Find out whats working on your website – and what’s not. Get a comprehensive report outlining solutions to bring your website up to scratch.

  • SEO – Highlighting opportunities to improve your website’s rankings.
  • Performance – Identifying bottlenecks and providing potential solutions.
  • Accessibility – Ensure your website is compliant and not missing out on potential customers.
  • Website structure – Making sure your website has a solid foundation to build upon.
  • User experience – Helping you deliver the right message to your customers.
  • Privacy compliance – Ensuring your site meets current privacy regulations.

Worried your website is under performing?

A slow website loses customers so, rather than worry, get in touch. I’m happy to give your website a free performance review and to discuss areas for improvement.

Website Revamps

Get that slow and outdated website working for your business rather than against it.

  • Keep your existing design…or rework it
  • Add, remove and replace content to get a better message across.
  • Replace outdated & insecure plugins with up to date and secure ones.
  • Address SEO and accessibility issues and fix them.
  • Improve your website’s page speeds.

Is a website revamp as expensive as a new website?

No. You already have a website so we have a foundation to work from. We just need to figure out what needs doing to bring things up to scratch. And I give free estimates so why not get things started by contacting me.

Website Maintenance

Offering peace of mind and leaving you free to focus on your work. My maintenance plan includes…

  • Managed high-frequency cloud hosting.
  • Weekly updates to WordPress theme, plugins and core.
  • Daily local and external website backups. If something goes wrong it can be fixed in no time.
  • Website hardening.
  • Security and malware checks.
  • Uptime monitoring (making sure your website is online at all times and acting on issues if it goes offline).

Need additional support?

Want me to add your new content and optimise it? No problem.
Have schedules that need updating each month? I can take care of that.
Have ideas for content but not sure it will work? Let’s plan time to discuss it.

Whatever makes your life easier, I’ll do my best to help.